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General English Course

General English

This course is aimed at students who might need:

  • carefully structured lessons to improve fluency and accuracy;
  • to pass English language exams; such as IELTS
  • to get into an EAP or vocational course
  • to learn a language for travel and/or experience,
  • to improve English speaking and listening skills to fully enjoy Australian life

Classroom activities encourage communication. The use of television; radio programs; newspaper; magazine articles; internet and class excursions ensure that students are given a ‘real life’ perspective of the use of the English Language

What are the features of the General English course?

  • 6 Levels (Beginner to Advanced) each level 12weeks
  • Teaching methods are designed to develop: speaking; listening; reading; writing skills with grammar and vocabulary.
  • Monthly proficiency testing
  • Weekly intakes
  • Offers pathways to EAP and at higher levels of English – to – Vocational courses