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Student Services

Assistant Registrar

The Assistant Registrar is the first point of contact for inquiries and advice relating to your study and matters specific to International students, providing general advice and referrals on things like enrollment and fees, exams and results, graduation, lodging a form or requests for leave.

  • The Assistant Registrar: Wendy Wu, Level 1, Administration
  • Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Counselling Service

Professional counselling for personal issues is available at no cost for students from an external agency (after referral from a doctor):

First Light Care Associates

2/627 George St

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9211 9988

Contact Person: Gerald

See Sue on Level 5, 302-306 Elizabeth St for details.


Wentworth Institute of Higher Education is committed to ensuring equal access to learning for all our students.

We provide an environment in which students with special needs are able to participate in campus activities fully and which ensure that their learning and development is enhanced and not hindered by their needs.

All student information is treated confidentially and held securely at our premises on Elizabeth street.

Students with special needs should contact the Disability Support Officer, Bella Carr who can facilitate not only any physical adjustments required on campus but also any reasonable adjustments to learning requirements and assessment. Please ensure that you provide the relevant medical or professional documentation at your first meeting.

Reasonable Adjustment

Students with special needs may request reasonable adjustment to an assessment task to accommodate their requirements. Adjustments to assessment must take into account the special characteristics of the student.

Any adjustments made must be ‘reasonable’ so that they do not impose an unjustifiable hardship upon WIN Higher Ed.

A request for reasonable adjustment is made by the student in conjunction with the Disability Support Officer who will liaise with the appropriate lecturer for the unit of study affected.

Making a reasonable adjustment will involve varying the procedures for conducting an assessment, for example:

  • allowing additional time for the completion of an assessment,
  • extending deadlines for an assessment,
  • varying question and response modalities for an assessment,
  • providing or allowing additional resources in examinations.

Student Welfare Service

The Student Welfare Service offers advice and support on a range of personal matters including where to go for advice on financial issues, tenancy issues, as well as accommodation and health related issues. Services are available face-to-face, over the telephone,  or via email [email protected].

  • The Registrar: Sue Bond,  Level  5
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am to 5.30 pm or other times by appointment.
  • Face to face appointments may be made at Reception


The Wentworth Institute library provides students and recent graduates with a range of resources to help with career education. For actual assistance in writing a resume or attending an interview, see English Support Classes.

English support classes

Wentworth Institute’s ELICOS Centre provides a friendly and supportive learning environment that caters to the needs of our international students who are having difficulties with their English. Support classes are available to assist students, including General English and English for Academic Purposes 

You can contact the ELICOS Centre by sending an email to [email protected]


The Campus Manager is responsible for the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors. He is also responsible for ensuring the security and accessibility of all campus buildings and facilities. Report all suspicious activity, characters or theft to the Campus Manager.

Complaints Management and Resolution

The Registrar works within the Academic and Non-academic Grievance Handling Policy and will explain how Wentworth Institute deals with all types of complaints from staff, students and the public. This will cover complaints about unfair and/or disrespectful actions or decisions, as well as complaints about bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, vilification and victimisation.

  • The Registrar: Sue Bond,  Level  5
  • Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm or other times by appointment.
  • Face to face appointments may be made at Reception

Academic Support

There is a range of support services for you at Wentworth Institute that will assist you in your academic studies.

All of our staff have student consultation times as shown on subject outlines to meet with students to discuss any problems they may be having.

Head lecturers for each course are available to support you and help. Contact them face to face or via email to arrange a time to meet with them.

Students may attend academic writing support classes or receive individual assistance with a qualified support person in the Library on Level 1. These classes are invaluable for learning how to structure an essay or report, how to avoid plagiarism and how to write effectively. Classes are advertised on subject Moodle sites. For further information see:

Academic Systems Support

The Academic Support Systems Manager has an office on Level 5. He can help staff and students with any issues that they may be having accessing emails, Moodle, uploading assessments and managing software applications.

  • The Academic Support Systems Manager:  Philip Wang,  Level  5, [email protected]
  • Monday to Thursday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
  • Friday by appointment

International Student Support

There’s a range of support available to our International students. From finding somewhere to live, finding out about your visa conditions or how you can find work in Australia, there’s help available. Services are available face-to-face, over the telephone, or via email [email protected].
• The Registrar: Sue Bond, Level 5
• Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am to 5.30 pm or other times by appointment.
• Face to face appointments may be made at Reception

  • The Registrar: Sue Bond,  Level  5
  • Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm or other times by appointment.
  • Face to face appointments may be made at Reception


Library Support

The Wentworth Institute library is a hub of information for students and the qualified librarian is available  5 days per week,  to assist students with accessing information and using the online databases.

IT Support

The IT Manager is responsible for managing all the hardware and internet access. Contact him directly if you have any issues with your laptop, computer or accessing the internet.