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Students Complaints and Appeals

Students Complaints and Appeals Higher Education

Wentworth Institute is committed to providing all of its students with a positive learning environment. One way in which it seeks to achieve this goal is by putting in place a process through which students can make confidential complaints about any aspect of their experience while they are studying with us.

Wentworth institute is committed to ensuring that:

  • All complaints are dealt with consistently and fairly.
  • No student is disadvantaged by making a complaint.
  • All elements of the complaints handling process are strictly private and confidential.

What types of grievances might students have?

Students may have a grievance or complaint about an administrative decision that Wentworth Institute has made. For example, students may be unhappy with the way in which their enrollment was conducted or their personal information was handled.

Students may also have grievances about academic decisions that Wentworth Institute makes. For example, students may be unhappy with assessments, marks, the curriculum or the way in which a lecturer taught a course.

How should students go about resolving those grievances?

Wentworth Institute has a three-step procedure for resolving complaints. This process is set out in our Academic and Administrative Grievance and Complaints Handling Policy, a copy of which is in the Student Handbook.

  • First, the student must lodge a formal complaint by writing a letter to the Dean.
  • Secondly, if the student is unhappy with the outcome of the formal complaint, he or she may apply for internal review by writing a letter to the managing Director.
  • Thirdly, if the student is unhappy with the outcome of the internal review, he or she may apply for external review by a solicitor at JFMLAW by writing a letter to the Chairperson.

Who should students contact for help with lodging a complaint?

Students are encouraged to contact the Wentworth Institute of Higher Education Grievance Officer. The Grievance Officer can guide you through the process of lodging complaints and applying for internal and external review and can help you to access external support and advocacy services.