Dr. Keri Spooner is Dean of Higher Education at WIN. With many years experience in the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Australia and abroad, Keri works with higher education academics and students at WIN to ensure the delivery of a quality, industry relevant education.

‘Students are at the centre of everything we do here at WIN. I am committed to ensuring that all our students receive a quality education in a very supportive and friendly environment.’

–Dr Keri Spooner





Dr. Breach is an organization theorist with PhD, Master of Business and Graduate Certificate degrees in Management from the University of Technology Sydney. His scholarly expertise in organization structure and design, power in organizations, change and culture management, strategic management, operations management and qualitative research methods is complemented by thirty years of work and IT consulting experience in Healthcare, Investment Banking, Operations Management and Network Security to organizations throughout Asia and the Pacific. Committed to education since childhood, he has delivered workplace training throughout his business career and has taught management and IT to undergraduate, postgraduate and research students for twelve years.




Kyle is an experienced teacher, researcher, and educational leader, having worked in four different countries on three different continents teaching a range of subjects in F2F, online, and blended settings.
Relishing the challenge of getting the best out of the brightest minds, Kyle brings an authentic concern ensuring a transformational student experience and a firm belief in the efficacy of holistic approaches to socioeconomic challenges

ather hung

DR Arthur Hung


Dr Wai Tak (Arthur) Hung attained his PhD in Statistics from Macquarie University. He has had more than four years work experience in Market Research. He has also been teaching Statistics and Mathematics subjects at different tertiary institutions for over ten years. He is experienced in statistical modelling as well as media campaign evaluations. Moreover, he is proficient in using various software such as R, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, and Excel.

salihu ibrahim

DR Salihu Ibrahim

LECTURER (Canberra)

Dr Salihu holds a doctoral degree in accounting. He has taught accounting and accounting-related courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in private and public universities for 17 years across five countries. His practical and learner-centred approach to teaching is well recognised by his students and colleagues. This has earned a teaching excellence award in the recent past. Dr Salihu is also a researcher with papers published in high-ranked journals such as Meditari Accountancy Research, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, International Journal of Business and Society, International Journal of Islamic Finance, and Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research. His research interests include corporate governance, ESG reporting, corporate taxation, and financial reporting.





Dr. Sai K. Lakkaraju is a multifaceted professional who has performed a variety of roles—courseware developer, academic, knowledge management expert, information systems consultant, and e-commerce specialist, among others. His journey commenced as a software engineer/ tester following the completion of his M.Sc. in Computer Science in India. Powered by steady passion, he embarked on an educational journey to Australia, where he accomplished M.Sc. Honours and a PhD from the University of Western Sydney. With a dynamic career trajectory, Dr. Lakkaraju has made significant contributions across academia and industry and left his mark by crafting curricula for prestigious institutions including the University of Western Sydney, Central Queensland University, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Kent Institute, Parramatta College, and Canterbury Business College. His research revolved around Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management. As his career evolves, he is transitioning towards curriculum development and student retention, driven by the nature of his work and the transforming educational panorama. A true visionary, Dr. Sai embodies versatility and dedication, making him an invaluable asset to WIN.

“I take pride in calling myself an academic where I strive to impart my experience as an international student and my knowledge to my students” – Dr. Sai K Lakkaraju.





Dan Staines is a writer, researcher, and game designer from Sydney. Before getting his PhD in 2016, Dan worked as an editor and journalist in the videogame press for almost two decades. Dan’s research is focused on using principles derived from moral psychology and philosophy to develop games for ethical engagement and development. In 2019, he completed work on Paparazzi, a visual novel game intended to provoke ethical reflection.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” — Chief, Animal Crossing

Dan Staines is a writer, researcher, and game designer from Sydney. Before getting his PhD in 2016, Dan worked as an editor and journalist in the videogame press for almost two decades. Dan’s research is focused on using principles derived from moral psychology and philosophy to develop games for ethical engagement and development. In 2019, he completed work on Paparazzi, a visual novel game intended to provoke ethical reflection.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” — Chief, Animal Crossing

Peter Tanswell



BBus (WSU), MSc (UTS), MCom (UNSW), Grad Cert Adv Tax (UNSW), DPM (UTS), LLB (UNE), GDLP (Collaw), CISA, Solicitor Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Dr Tanswell is an experienced IT professional/academic having worked in the IT profession and academia for over 30 years. He was worked as a programmer, systems analyst, IT Auditor and IT Security Specialist, Cyber Security Specialist and a Project Manager.

Dr Tanswell worked for large international consulting firms KPMG and EY predominantly in Australia and in the United Kingdom for 20 years and at various higher education institutions such as UTS, WSU, CQU, TAFE NSW and UMIST (UK)

Dr Tanswell is also a legal professional with a strong interest in property law, Intellectual Property law, Employment Law and Wills and Testaments

‘I have a passion for teaching and working with students to ensure that they gain an understanding and appreciation of technology and how technology can be used most effectively in a business environment’.





Dr Treloar is a Fellow, Australian Institute of Management (FAIM) and Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD), Member, Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Association of Australia, now called the Resolution Institute and a past Churchill Fellow.

He has over 25 years senior executive experience, has served on numerous (commercial, NGO and Government) boards and is the former Chairman, Finance & Governance, the Western Sydney Academy of Sport.

His past research interests, conference presentations and publications covers a wide range of fields including: human resource management, social enterprise, commercial law, directors’ responsibilities, conflicts of interest, expatriate management, and ‘best practice’ management.





Alison Lee holds a Masters of Business Administration(MBA) from UTS and was accepted into the Doctoral program to research in the area of Strategic Human Resource Management. She is now the Director of Bachelor of Business here at Wentworth Institute and is also Head of Human Resource studies. Her past work experiences includes working at UTS and in the pedagogy of music and English. She has also worked extensively as a senior manager in the luxury goods industry and utilises her industry experience in her lectures. Alison has been at Wentworth Institute since 2015 and is excited to contribute to Wentworth’s growth into the future.

‘I truly believe that effective/ethical management practices can evolve from the foundations of quality higher education from an institute like WIN’
— Alison Lee





Celine Adams is a Certified Practising Accountant of Australia (CPA) and a lawyer. She has over 14 years of experience in the Australian tertiary education sector. She brings a wealth of experience to WIN not only on the basis of her current teaching experience but also on the basis of her approach to teaching and cultivation in her students of an appreciation of the importance of learning and understanding. Before joining WIN, she taught in both laws and accounting at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

“I really enjoy teaching and making a difference in peoples’ lives!”
–Celine Adams





Karen is the Director - Learning Quality, Compliance and Accreditation and has worked for WIN Higher Ed for over 5 years. Within this role, she is responsible for monitoring, managing, and improving teaching and learning quality for Higher Education, ensuring compliance with TEQSA requirements and the HESF and the accreditation of new and existing qualifications both with TEQSA and the relevant industry bodies. Karen is also actively engaged in scholarly activity regarding International Students and Academic Integrity.

‘I love the thrill of helping others learn and get immense satisfaction from seeing students reach their full potential’
–Karen Audley





I have taught and practiced accounting and related subjects for many years in both public and private university and college settings. I have taught at the Wentworth Institute of Higher Education since 2016 and I am currently Head of the undergraduate accounting courses.

I enjoy my teaching and I receive excellent feedback from students. I look forward to seeing you in the Accounting subjects and greeting you as part of our Accounting team.

— Paul Power





Dominic Cudmore is a practising lawyer based in Sydney’s inner-east. He possesses extensive experience in many areas of law in both the government and private sectors.

From 2009 to 2011 Dominic undertook higher studies at the Institut d’études théologiques (IET) in Brussels, Belgium, the Society of Jesus’ Studium for francophone Belgium and Luxembourg.
Dominic’s areas of expertise embrace property law, equity, NFP and charities law, NFP tax, employment law, human rights and discrimination, child protection, education law, governance, community law, cy près schemes, family provisions applications, professional standards, NFP mergers and acquisitions, legal training, pro bono practice, facilitation and mediation.
Dominic is involved in the following associations:
Member of Law Society of New South Wales
Member of the French Australian Lawyers’ Society
Honorary Member – Golden Key International Honour Society





Francis holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degrees, both from the University of NSW, with majors in International Business and International Relations. His Honours Thesis focused on the international political role of international sports. He is currently completing a Masters of Sports Management at the University of Technology Sydney.

Francis’ passion is in sport where he has coached and managed rugby for UNSW, the Queens University in Canada and the University of East Anglia in England. Currently Francis serves as a Rugby Mentor for the Play Rugby Australia foundation.





Philip Wang has extensive experience as Academic System Manager in academic institute. He is also currently studying his PhD under the Schoolof Business at Unviersity of Notre Dame Australia. At the Wentworth Institute, he is teaching in subject of Information System whilst provides continuous academic support to both Staff and students throughout the year. He is also a published writer and passionate in the area of Media and Communication.

“Don’t work hard, work smart.”
— Philip Wang





Umesh Poudel has over two decades of experience teaching Information Technology subjects at various university partner institutions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He also works as an IT consultant and a software developer in the educational sector. He started as an international student studying Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from UTS, later he received a Master of Computing from UWS. Recently he received Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education) from Federation University.

Chris Armstrong



CPA Australia Full membership. Awarded 2005.

Master of Business in Finance, UTS, NSW. (Distinction average) Awarded 1998.

Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, NSW. Awarded 1982.

Chris has over 20 years of experience working in the Banking and Insurance industry. Including roles as Marketing manager for superannuation and insurance products (Marketing is his undergraduate major); Accounting Manager for a life insurance company (he a CPA member); and Senior Financial Analyst for the Commonwealth Bank (his Master of Business focus).

Chris also has 20 years of university level teaching experience in Singapore, Bangkok and Sydney (UTS and UTS College). He has taught, Business Studies, Management, Economics and been a subject coordinator at UTS College in Business Maths, Fundamentals of Business Finance, The Financial System and Introduction to Accounting.




Character Animation (AnimationMentor), GradCertL&T (TUA), MEd (TUA)

Rosaline Babayan is a senior 3D Animator and Motion-Capture Specialist with over 10 years of local and international teaching experience. She has animated on TV series, video games, music videos, advertisements, 3D visualisations for museums and architectural projects.

In addition to her Animation qualifications she has completed Master of Education in Innovation and Change and Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching.

Her past research interests are focused on innovation of learning and teaching experiences for students and educators. This includes incorporation of innovative digital interventions, transforming physical and virtual learning spaces and designing Professional Development frameworks for educators to assist them with identification of their own needs in order to improve the quality of learning and teaching for higher education students.

Linh Do

Linh Do


Linh Do is not only a Course Director overseeing Bachelor of Business (Professional Accounting) and Master of Professional Accounting, but also a professional academic teaching a variety of finance and accounting subjects at Wenworth Institue . With many years of experience working in the accounting, finance and banking industry, Linh has pursued and committed to share his knowledge and experience with the students via his teaching passion. He has been extensively teaching and coordinating across different accounting and finance subjects at a number of universities and colleges both onshore and offshore over last 15 years. Linh holds his Master of Financial Planning from University of New South Wales with an excellence.

"Students' success is my great happiness" - Linh Do


Mahira Mowjoon


Meet Mahira, an accomplished educator with a unique blend of teaching and research expertise spanning IT, information systems, and engineering domains. Boasting a PhD in engineering from the esteemed University of Technology Sydney and a Masters in IT from the University of Sydney, Mahira brings a wealth of academic prowess to her students.

With an unwavering commitment to student growth, Mahira champions open expression, encouraging students to engage deeply with their peers and course content.

“I want my students to be independent learners, so I always guide them to study smarter and be proud to see my students flourishing" - Mahira Mowjoon


Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Baig


An IT educator and researcher based in Sydney, Australia. With a Ph.D. in Computing from Macquarie University, Dr. Baig specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. His passion lies in moulding the next generation of digital experts, offering hands-on learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking and real-world problem-solving. Over the years, he has imparted knowledge at esteemed institutions like Torrens University, Melbourne Institute of Technology, and Western Sydney University. Beyond teaching, Dr. Baig's research endeavours focus on the intricate analysis of EEG signals and their role in 3D modelling for multi-modal interface systems.

He is also proficient in a myriad of programming languages and tools, from Python and MATLAB to AWS and OpenCV. As a dedicated contributor to the academic community, he has been a part of numerous conferences, workshops, and online courses, always staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Connect with Dr. Baig to delve into the world of cybersecurity, AI, and beyond, "Embrace the journey, for every step taken is a story waiting to be told.


Dr. Ali Aljaafreh


Dr. Ali Aljaafreh is an accomplished Associate Professor specializing in Information Systems, renowned for his expertise in the field. Holding a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. With a rich academic journey, Dr. Aljaafreh has served as an Associate Professor and presently lecturer at the Wentworth Institute of Higher Education in Sydney, Australia. His instructional prowess extends to both undergraduate and master's levels, covering an impressive range of courses such as Python, Java, cloud computing, Web systems, IT Project Management, and SW engineering and design. Distinguished for his commitment to excellence, Dr. Aljaafreh has authored several impactful publications in esteemed journals, focusing on areas like e-government, e-learning, and customer retention.  Notably, Dr. Aljaafreh's international exposure, fluency in English and Arabic, and extensive skill set, including proficiency in statistical packages and programming languages, contribute to his holistic expertise.

Dr. Richard Li


Dr. Richard Li is a Higher Education Academy (HEA) Associate Fellow and a technical art specialist. He completed his PhD at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia under the direction of Immersive Interactive Technologies in 2015. Before that, he gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Da-Yeh University and a Master of Applied Science/Animation Degree at the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), majoring in Design and 3D animation. His current research interests lie in the fields of Interaction Design (VR/AR/MR), Museum Studies, Digital Preservation, UI/UX Design, 3D Animation, Creative Industries, and 3D Printing, which links closely to Digital Design area. As a self-motivated academic, he is convinced that continuous learning is an essential ingredient of success; thus, he has some work experience related to the different fields, such as digital/physical conservation, multimedia design, web design, UI/UX design, APP development, animation and teaching. For qualifications, he has a certificate of technical art specialist, MAYA advance rendering, and museum and art gallery interpreter.


Dave Unsworth


Mr Dave Unsworth, is an Accounting Lecturer with 30 years of expertise in industry consulting and teaching. With a rich blend of experience in CEO, COO, CMO & CIOA, he has made significant contributions both locally and internationally with awards such as Lloyd’s award for Robotics. His accomplishments span across mention specific projects or achievements.

Complementing his practical prowess, Dave Unsworth holds a Multiple Masters, MBA (in Management and Marketing), MAcct(Finance and Accounting). MIntBus(International Trade and Cross-Cultural Psychology) & Master in Logistics from ITLS (Project Management and Transport Economics). Undergraduate degrees BAppSci Hons (1)[ in Computer Science and Statistics] and Higher Ass Dip[1] in Electronic Engineering as well as a PMP, ACP, Lifetime Member BSG, Lifetime Member IQA London, that accentuate his commitment to innovative and effective teaching methodologies.

Dave Unsworth's research interests are centred around Project Management, reflecting his dedication to enhancing the learning experience for students and educators alike. He has delved into Agile Initiatives, displaying a passion for driving positive change in education.


Farhad Habibi


Farhad Habibi is an accomplished professional with extensive expertise in the fields of business and IT. Farhad's extensive teaching experience traces its roots back to 2012. Beyond excelling in teaching, he has significantly contributed to the research, notably by publishing papers in top-tier journals.

Complementing his practical prowess, Farhad Habibi is doing his PhD in project management from the University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia. He further enriches his credentials with a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering (Systems Optimization) from the Iran University of Science and Technology.

Farhad's academic journey is centred around the intersection of business and IT. His dedication to academia is evident in his diverse research interests, encompassing supply chain management, project management, decision support systems, and information technology integration.




Dr. Juneesh is a Ph.D holder in Information Technology, completed two master’s degrees one in Information Technology and another in Journalism & Mass Communication, and bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication.

He has 12 years of international university teaching experience, he has been teaching I.T and digital media courses such as web designing, computer application, software and hardware, graphic designing, motion graphics, film making, 3D modelling & animation, 2D animation, video editing, audio editing,  digital videography & photography, advertising production, TV studio broadcasting and other journalism and mass communication courses.

He worked as a digital media professional in the industry for 6 years, created professional websites, graphic designs and animation projects, created advertisements and short films, edited music albums, TV programs and TV News.

He has presented and published 17 research projects and conducted interactive research workshops at the University level.


Mr. Amin Zakhirehkar


Amin is a dedicated individual with a background in industrial engineering and over five years of hands-on experience in project management, focusing on powerplant projects. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Decentralized Energy Markets and Blockchain, Amin combines their academic pursuits with real-world insights.

With a solid foundation in industrial engineering and a knack for project management, Amin brings practical expertise to the academic realm. His research interests, including electricity markets, decision-making, optimization, and blockchain, reflect his commitment to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of energy systems.

By merging their project management background with cutting-edge research, Amin aspires to bridge the gap between theory and practice, revolutionizing energy markets and paving the way for a more optimized and interconnected energy future.


Nitya L. Karmakar


Nitya L. Karmakar is a highly accomplished academician with degrees spanning law, science, computing, and business administration from both India and Australia.  Nitya L. Karmakar earned his BSc (Hons), L.L.B, MSc and PhD. degrees in India. He obtained his Master of Computing-Information Technology (M.Comp-IT) from the University of Western Sydney, Nepean; Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (GradDipAdultEd), Master of Science in Computing (M.Sc) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

With a distinguished career in teaching and research, he has held senior roles at global higher education institutions. Notably, he's been a visiting Professor at the University of Toronto and has conducted post-doctoral research at renowned institutions like CERN and UNESCO. Dr. Karmakar's extensive teaching experience spans diverse student backgrounds, employing various strategies and technology tools to foster active engagement and learning. His multi-faceted expertise and international contributions make him a valuable asset to modern education.


Nazanin Hosseinpour


Nazanin is an accomplished multidisciplinary lecturer and researcher with expertise in the fields of urban planning, value engineering, and project management. With over a decade of research experience, she has contributed papers to prestigious journals and conferences. Nazanin currently holds positions at renowned Australian educational institutions including UNSW, ANU, and WIN.

Her teaching background spans over three years across global private and public educational institutions. Her passion for learning has equipped her with a wide-ranging skill set encompassing quantitative and qualitative research methods, data collection, project management, risk assessment, and multi-criteria decision-making.


Sharad Neupane


Sharad Neupane is a Lecturer with 15 years of expertise in IT field. With a rich blend of experience in IT Industry for 5 years as a full stack developer, he has made significant contributions both locally and internationally. His accomplishments span across International Trade Center, the World Bank, Korea International Cooperation Agency.

Complementing his practical prowess, Sharad holds a Bachelor's in Computer engineering and a Master's with a Specialization in Project Management as well as currently pursuing a Master's in Research that accentuates his commitment to innovative and effective teaching methodologies.

Sharad's research interests are centred on AI, Green Business, and Human Robotics reflecting his dedication to enhancing the learning experience for students and educators alike. He has delved into Green business operations showcasing a passion for driving positive change in education.

Ali Edalatinejad

Ali Edalatinejad


Ali is a PhD candidate with 11 years of expertise in Modeling, Simulation and Mechanical Engineering. With a rich blend of experience in Simulation and optimization, he has made significant contributions both locally and internationally.

Complementing his practical prowess, Ali holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Modeling and Simulation that accentuate his commitment to innovative and effective teaching methodologies.

Ali's research interests are centered around Computational Fluid Dynamic, Modeling, Numerical Simulation, reflecting his dedication to enhancing the learning experience for students and educators alike.


Jnanamurthy H K (Murthy)


Dr. Jnanamurthy is an Information Technology lecturer with over 10 years of expertise in the computer science field. With a rich blend of experience in the IT industry, Jnanamurthy is an experienced software engineering professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in software development and management, data engineering, and static analysis of software. He is a strong mathematics and computer science professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused on formal verification in the software development process from the University of Newcastle.





Sakshi Kapoor is a software engineer, completed Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) and Masters of Science in Information Technology (MSC-IT) both from India.

Sakshi has one year experience as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Applications in India. She has published paper in National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC-government organization in India that assesses and accredits Higher Education Institutions) sponsored webinar in India. Her research interests include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. She has successfully handled practical projects related to website development and programming languages, RSA Algorithm using Encryption and Decryption Techniques in MATLAB using Fuzzy Logic and Computer Network concepts, Alexa Voice Service- Given queries and solutions related to college with proper design, implementation, working and coding, Design Website on Online Restaurant using ASPNET, Big Data- Extracting positive and negative comments on twitter with proper use of Big Data, coding, and Java language concepts. She has taught WordPress in CMS, website in WordPress, computer fundamentals, Big Data, C Programming Language, Linux, photoshop in India. At Wentworth Institution she is teaching website development, design thinking, database design, web systems.

Mohammad Toammel Hossain



PhD, GCRS, M Acct; BBA.
Adv Dip. Mgmt; Cert IV TAE.

Mohammad Toammel Hossain has over 15 years of teaching experience in private and public universities in Australia and overseas. Mohammad completed his Master of Accounting, Graduate certificate in research studies and his doctoral degree from Western Sydney University. Mohammad's doctoral thesis was titled “The effects of Macroeconomic variables and Institutional Qualities on Stock Prices: A Panel Data Analysis”. His teaching arena includes Accounting, Economics, International Trade, Corporate Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Econometrics, Contemporary Accounting issues. Mohammad is an experienced educator in the multicultural teaching environment of some popular universities in Australia such as Western Sydney University, La robe University. He takes interest in research that includes Economics, Quantitative analysis, Finance, and Accounting discipline.



Christopher O’Neill

Alumni Representative


Christopher grew up in and around Universities. Studied Production Performance and Directing at the Undergraduate level for 6 years. A Graduate of the BIM program and student of the Master’s program. With many years experience in the delivery of programs both at VET and Higher Education Level in Australia, Christopher now works with WIN higher education academics staff, students, WINSA and alumni to ensure the delivery of a quality, industry-relevant education by providing academic, program and wellbeing support to both staff and students throughout the year. Christopher also teaches in the Bachelor of Interactive Media program assisting students to develop industry relevant skills.

“Everyone is unique and have different needs and dreams. I am dedicated to ensuring quality through your degree and beyond, because your education is worth it.



Academic Support Manager

Iris Weng is the academic support manager at the Wentworth Institute of Higher Education. She holds a Bachelor of arts degree from the USYD and a Master of business degree from the UOW. Iris has over 5 years of academic support and administration experience and has also taught translations and other courses in her academic career. Iris manages academic support services division which is designed to enhance the experience of staff and student at Wentworth Institute of Higher Education. 


Dr Manjit Kaur Ludher

Study Support Officer

PhD (Macquarie University), 
MA (National University of Malaysia [UKM]), 
BA [Hons.] (University of Malaya), 
Diploma of Education [Credit] (University of Malaya), 
Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAFE NSW- Sydney Institute)

Dr Manjit Kaur Ludher’s role is to support students as they navigate their studies and living in Australia whilst working with WIN staff to maintain quality teaching and learning for their students.

Manjit has been developing human potential by building capacity and skills for careers and life at university, college and the workplace for over 38 years. An ex-academic, Manjit has a PhD in English Linguistics (Discourse Analysis) from Macquarie University and has been an empathetic trainer/lecturer/teacher, empowering people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Her strong analytical, research, writing/editing and problem-solving skills underpinned by practical working experience have allowed her to work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders across multiple communication channels and diverse work domains with a focus on strategic and intercultural communication.