The Bachelor of Interactive Media has been developed in alignment with WIN’s educational philosophy, which strives to provide students with a comprehensive and flexible approach to evidenced-based theoretical and practical learning. The course is delivered through a combination of lectures and small group tutorials, seminars and studio work. Students will be involved in a variety of activities and projects to develop an understanding of design principles, their applications to real-world problems and contexts thus developing the knowledge and skills needed to become a Multimedia Specialist. During studio sessions students will be encouraged to integrate content and theory presented in all subjects through projects designed in consultation with industry partners.


Graduates will be equipped to think critically and analytically within an ethical context; to work effectively with people and systems; to understand and apply design principles and theories; and to work within an extensive range of industries. They will be able to integrate theory with practice and contribute creatively as a Multimedia Specialist in a wide spectrum of industries which incorporate multimedia or to continue to work towards their professional qualifications.


The Bachelor of Interactive Media provides a comprehensive foundation for the understanding and application of communication and design principles in multimedia in its variety of formats, from the traditional to the contemporary. It explores the history and development of communication as it exists today through conventional media such as print publications, film, television and video, to more contemporary and emergent technologies such as the internet with its multiple social communication and web application options. It also encompasses the learning and application of 2D and 3D software, and offers the exciting opportunity for cross-disciplinary study in areas such as Business and IT.
The course aims to enhance and actualise creative potential by refining the students’ skills in critical and analytical thinking and by cultivating an understanding of the underpinnings of the professional applications of design principles in multimedia environments.


FOR COMMENCING STUDENTS: This version of the course applies to students whose commencement year is 2021 or later.

FOR CONTINUING STUDENTS: This version of the course applies to students who started in 2020 or earlier.