Graduate Diploma in Business


Graduate Certificate in Business


The Master of Business degree program offered at the Wentworth Institute is focused on producing quality graduates with industry and job relevant knowledge and skills who are capable of assuming leadership and management roles. The Master of Business degree is of four semester’s duration full-time and includes nested programs at Graduate Certificate (one semester full time) and Graduate Diploma (two semesters full time) levels.

A feature of these programs is the inclusion of a core Business Communication subject. This subject will not only help to ensure students’ success throughout the course by developing needed written and oral communication skills but will also enhance graduates’ employability.

The inclusion of a core Business Ethics subject will not only ensure students’ appreciation of the importance of ethical decision-making in business but will also establish a guiding principal to be reinforced and applied in both subsequent studies as well as professional activities.

Another important feature of the Master of Business Degree program is the requirement to undertake a Business Project subject focused on developing students’ needed research skills which will be demonstrated by the execution of a substantial piece of research in the form of a project.


The Graduate Certificate in Business provides students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in a business environment. This 40-credit point program consists of 4 core subjects to be undertaken in 26 weeks or half year full-time.

The Graduate Diploma in Business extends students' knowledge as well as skills and provides the opportunity to develop a greater breadth of capability in a business environment. All students must complete a total of 80 credit points made up of 8 core subjects, 4 of which form the Graduate Certificate in Business. The absence of electives within the Graduate Diploma is aimed at ensuring that students acquire a broad range of knowledge across relevant business subjects. The course may be undertaken over 52 weeks or one year full-time.

The Master of Business develops the breadth and depth of students' knowledge as well as both applied and conceptual skills to enable them to perform successfully in complex business environments. All students must complete a total of 160 credit points made up of 16 subjects, comprising 12 core subjects (120 credit points), 8 of which from the Graduate Diploma in Business, plus a further 4 elective subjects (40 credit points) which may be drawn from a specialized stream in International Business or Creative Industries. The course is designed to be undertaken over 104 weeks or 2 years full-time.



Australian Undergraduate Degree or equivalent. International students require an IELTS Academic overall band score of 6.5, with no band lower than 6.0 (or equivalent).