The Student Welfare Service offers advice and support on a range of personal matters including where to go for advice on financial issues, tenancy issues, as well as accommodation and health related issues. Students should contact Eileen, a full-time Student Support Officer for direction to the correct person to address the student’s needs. She may be found on Level 1, 302-306 Elizabeth St and her email is [email protected].

Students may also see the Registrar, who will speak with students face-to-face, over the telephone or via email [email protected]. Face to face appointments may be made at Reception.



Wentworth Institute does not provide accommodation assistance. Although Accommodation for students in Sydney can range from:

Homestay is a type of accommodation for students from another country staying with a local Host family whilst they are studying abroad. Homestay is a popular option for students who need a safe, economical and convenient place to stay. Students can adjust quicker in a new environment with the friendly support offered by Host families. They have the opportunity to make new friends, experience the Australian lifestyle, culture, weather, and society and practice their English and participate in the daily routine of the Host family’s life.

Wentworth Institute works in conjunction with Meridian Homestay Services ( to deliver high standards in Homestay for their students.

Meridian Homestay Services is a Sydney based Homestay provider with more than 25 years experience finding homes for students from all over the world.

All Host families are inspected by Meridian Homestay Services to ensure they meet Federal Government supported standards. It is mandatory for all Host families to have a Working with Children Check and commit to Host insurance.

They also offer a 24-hour, 7-days a week Emergency Support Service, for students and Host families.

Only few steps to apply Homestay through MHS:

  1. Click on the following link to be taken to the online application form:
  2. Fill out the form and submit
  3. If you have any questions refer to Meridian Homestay’s website:
  4. Or feel free to email Meridian Homestay Services: [email protected]



Check and
Some useful information, such as: where to look for a property, the costs of renting, applying for a property and understanding tenancy agreements, can be found at:
Also check for shared places. *

* The information provided here is intended as a guide only and does not constitute advice nor should it be relied upon as constituting advice by WIN or its representatives.


It is recommended you shop locally for food, fruit and vegetables etc. However close to the Institute, Paddy’s Market (open Wed to Sunday) plus Market City (open 7 days) is a 12-minute walk. There are numerous local shops in Chinatown; also, there is a Woolworths next to the Institute and Asian and Thai supermarkets in Goulburn Street.

You can also visit the following websites for updated information of the costs in Sydney:

Here are some samples of costs in Sydney:
Gas / Electricity:
Check out for information about gas and electricity prices. Just enter a random Sydney Australian post code like 2111, 2000 or 2138. A$15-$20 if you share accommodation.
Phone / Internet:
Check out for a comparison of broadband plans.
Check out for a mobile phone deal without a contract.

Haircut: female- A$25.00-$100.00; male- $6.50-$30
Movie ticket: A$13.00-15.00 (student discount may apply)
Restaurant/café meal: A $8.00-$25.00
Weekly train ticket: About A$38 per week:
Taxi: 5 Minutes ride could cost A$5-10
Transport costs can be viewed at
Buy car: A$5000-50,000. Check and
Petrol: Check out for daily petrol prices in Sydney. Also: Petrol prices can vary from AM to evening in Australia.
Clothes: Check out or
Groceries:, Or
Furniture: Cost of furnisher and home appliances in Sydney Australia

No TV licence in Sydney though lots of advertisements on Commercial stations, ABC (no ads) and SBS which show movies, documentaries and news from many countries from all over the world.