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About WIN


Wentworth Institute Vision

To achieve the status of a high quality provider of tertiary education in Australia for students who aspire to an entrepreneurial approach to life and business by developing knowledge and skills through business and digital media programs of study.

The following mission and goals have been developed to provide an overall framework to guide the Institute in its planning, strategic objectives and operational outcomes. These goals have been developed within the context of the goals of Australian higher education.


Through the provision of industry-relevant, innovative, quality higher education courses, Wentworth Institute aims to address the learning needs of committed students and, in turn, the future needs of the businesses and industries in which they will contribute their values, skills and knowledge.


Wentworth Institute will realise its Mission through achieving the following goals:

  • Developing creative graduates who are committed to further enquiry and learning in their discipline, are work-ready and inspire others.
  • Nurturing an environment that values and actively encourages free intellectual enquiry, diversity and scholarly activity.
  • Creating a culturally, economically and socially sustainable institution that collaboratively contributes to advancing knowledge and understanding by creating value through entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Pro-actively meet and/or exceed the compliance requirements of the regulatory framework.