2021 Exam Timetable

Please note: On-campus fact-to-face exams are still subject to COVID-19 restrictions. The exam timetable may be subject to changes. We will notify you if there are any changes made to the timetable.

Exam Timetable Under Graduate

Exam Timetable Postgraduate

Monday 25 Oct 10.00am-12.10pm BIT311 ICT Agile Development     MB113 Economics  
2.00pm-4.10pm MAN241 Organisational Behaviour ICT117 Database Design   MP222 Corporate Accounting MP121 Accounting Information System
Tuesday 26 Oct 10.00am-12.10pm       MB121 Human Resource Management MP122 Analytical and Statistical Techniques
2.00pm-4.10pm SPA363 Issues in Financial Accounting FDN121 Business Law ICT115 ICT and Computer Architecture MP214 Managerial Accounting MP221 Auditing and Assurance
Wednesday 27 Oct 10.00am-12.10pm SPA243 Financial Management Applications     MP123 Business Law  
2.00pm-4.10pm ICT118 Networking and Security MAN352 Managing Across Cultures   MP211 Applied Company Law  
Thursday 28 Oct 10.00am-12.10pm FDN111 Principles of Accounting 1A     MP124 Corporate Finance MB367 Strategic Human Resource Management
2.00pm-4.10pm ICT113 Programming Fundamentals SPA352 Auditing and Assurance FDN122 Principles of Accounting 1B    
Friday 29 Oct 10.00am-12.10pm          
2.00pm-4.10pm FDN123 Business Statistics and Data Analysis SPA353 Taxation Law and Practice   MP212 Financial Accounting and Reporting  
Monday 01 Nov 10.00am-12.10pm          
2.00pm-4.10pm SPA242 Financial Accounting HRM360 Human Resource Strategy   MP213 International Finance  
Tuesday 02 Nov 10.00am-12.10pm          
2.00pm-4.10pm SPA233 Corporations Law     MP111 Accounting Management Decisions MP223 Taxation Law and Practice