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Work placement service now available at WIN

Meet Bernie at WIN
I’m a Job Search Coach specialised in supporting students, especially international students. I have a business called Find Your Way to Work. I’ll be providing a series of one-hour Masterclasses especially for WIN students! I’d recommend you come to all of them, but feel free to come to whichever ones you like.


Effective resumes

Have you been applying for jobs and not getting called for interviews? Then you really need to see how to improve your resume. In this session I’ll explain key points to get a better result from your applications.


Strategy and planning

Looking for a job is overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start. A lot of the jobs are in the “Hidden Job Market”; they are never advertised. How do you find those jobs? Come along and find out.


Interview skills

If you would love to be less nervous and more confident in your next interview, come to this Masterclass. I’ll help you learn how to predict the questions they are going to ask you and give you tips on how to answer them.


Written communication

Communication is a crucial skill when you are applying for jobs. In this Masterclass, I’ll teach you various things about communicating with employers, including how to write professional emails and how to communicate with them online. We’ll also discuss your social media footprint and why it matters.


The Big 3 This Masterclass is about 3 crucial soft skills you need for the job search

confidence; self-awareness; resilience for the job search


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